Xuan Hoa

10 November, 2020


Xuan Hoa was going through a business transformation from state-own to joint-stock company. Besides, the new brand also needed a re-positioning to higher segment.


based on our intensive market analysis, we’ve managed to completely modernize the company’s brand identity system, develop a strategic framework for all marketing activities until 2020.

Scope of work

Data research: primary research extensively on product end-user together with interviews of all stakeholders to set direction for brand growth and product development.

Branding: a holistic brand strategy with a 5-year time frame toward international brand status.
Marketing: a new marketing strategy with focus on digital platform and new product design together with production optimisation advised by Japanese experts from Toyota.

Tech: new wesbite and tracking systems, the social platfrom provides feedbacks for product improvement.


We are proud of being an exclusive strategic agency of Xuan Hoa Furniture for the period 2016 -2020 to build and supervise all marketing-related activities. The transformation immediately received good feedbacks from customers and boosted sales volume over the top.



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