Communications is the final part that completes the classical marketing mix of 4 Ps. Without good communications planning, a great product would still find it difficult to touch the hearts of their customers and convince them to buy. Furthermore, the long-term planning of marketing communications is crucial to level up the brand and image of a company or product to the next level of international standards. A good communications plan does not only rely on trendy tactics but also take into account the importance of the strategy, connecting the dots of audience, brand, content, budget and expectation. A great communications plan, furthermore, closes the strategic gap of KPIs between marketing and business. At Wisdom Agency, we are not satisfied to work and commit with clients based on marketing KPIs only but always aim to the end of business. We are keen on providing consultancy of marketing communications based on a long-term view with a set of consecutive campaigns that truly drive sales and serve customers. We do not wish to win a marketing pitch but aspire to work together and progress toward that end goal of a long-term partnership as a result-oriented agency.